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Nothing to Fear Nothing to Fight

by Robots and Monsters

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Like a flashpot without the smoke my mind is failed theater a punch line without a joke The smile etched on my face took years to perfect The grey inside’s a terminal phase I force a sleep to avoid days ill conceived I can’t get up ‘cause there’s nothing to believe The sun is up but I’m down and I refuse to see. Stacked against the odds Constructs all my own I’ve built this dim reality. It'll set you free I’m the king of the world Bow down to me Anxiety, despondency I'll calcify, won't even try, I'll calcify I’m trying to make it out alive I’m trying to make it out with my mind I tried. You can’t take my crown I’ve earned it on my own I’ll wear it proud, I'll wear it proud You can’t take my crown
Passenger 02:29
You can't stand in the way of progress It's the only path to hope Suppressing guts, denying yourself Will only urge your neck to rope Damp dread becomes you That feeling's inside me too Eject the passenger Eject the passenger My time. Your time. Our time to take this life back Back up and back down Your setting fires to keep thoughts at bay Conflict. Response Self preservation's way. Damp dread becomes you That feeling's inside me too Deny the passenger Deny the passenger
Communiqué 00:55
No Lyrics
Never Again 04:45
From the time you can see you want everything. But inside you’re pure and bright nothing to fear, nothing to fight. But as time drags you through consciousness takes the place Of all that is calm, all that’s bright. Never again. You woke up in time to sigh. Never again. You woke up. Your play space is gone, recessed deep and rusting away. But at night you’ll climb to find another way in, an unfettered mind. Will it be the same? Will it feel familiar and warm? Will you find love? Will you be reborn? "Watching and waiting for a friend to play with. Watching and waiting. I hope it won't be very long." Never again
Take this time of mine now, reach in and pull outstrength underneath you. And they’ll rip at your life, try to trip up your stride But your strength compels you Sometimes everything will fall to shit That’s when you can’t get over it Sometimes it seems nothing ever mends Like the pain will never end Don’t stop. No time right now. You can’t help it when you feel like hate. You never tried to be this way. No one ever does.
Surgery Day 04:57
Ripped from the comfort of a daydream, contented. Sharp thoughts invade me now, breached mind surrenders now Float high above, to look upon what’s real. Time to yield a time to abandon all I feel This suffering is comforting I never thought it’d come to this. Held hostage by what others would deny I’ll kiss it on the lips then bite. Crack my sternum apart Reach in and tear out my heart The pain, the tears, the smilesIt’s all the same to me Slowly crawling to hope for the relief of this release. But do I even deserve this peace? ...Do I deserve to bleed? No matter how hard I try I’ve never learned... how to hide This surgery This surgery, the last hope for me
Signing Off 03:49
These thoughts that lead me hurtling down the hallways of my mind Have me believing no door is worth a look behind Cracked walls, slumped ceilings reflections of a broken peace Calls out this fantasy I’m signing off. I’m so done dealing with despair It’s all my fault No one to blame, I'll own this all tonight Stillness calls me back to the beginning I’ll wring my hands in lieu of feeling Right now Seems right to leave it all behind These thoughts that lead me Hurtling down the hallways of my mind Have me reaching for an end I'm signing off. Doldrums and death are both the same Temerity. Dabbling in life like it's phase. Thinking deeply feels like bleeding I'm nothing if not needy I know it's right To leave it all behind Stillness calls me back to the beginning This world. I never wanted this world. This world, I never wanted this world… I never wanted it.


A concept EP about battling your own mind filtered through high-energy Metal and dosed with old-school hardcore.

Track by track:

The raging “King of the World,” opens the narrative in the middle of things with our protagonist, a sort of anti-hero, desperately compartmentalizing the incessant anxiety and despondency he feels. His solution is not only to convince himself he’s actually got power over his mind but that he can also harness his “dim reality” to save others like him. The song is tightly packed within an aggressive gallop, yielding to a sing-along chorus and thick breakdown.

“Passenger,” a fast, powerful blast, continues our protagonist’s manic episode. This time he’s gained some perspective, some confidence; he urges others who feel the same way to “deny” and “eject” the Passenger, (those, like him, who would refuse to take control of their negative thoughts). The piece is packed with hope, however fleeting.

“Communiqué” serves as a short transition between the flailing emotions of our protagonist. Unlike the relative urgency of the first two offerings, “Never Again” is a crushing mid-tempo blow to the head wherein an antagonist gives reasons for our hero’s psychological struggle: “As time drags you through consciousness takes the place of all that is calm, all that’s bright,” he explains. Our protagonist’s forced optimism is challenged.

Before descending too deeply into despair, our protagonist gets some encouraging words in “No One Ever Does,” wherein a friend relates to him, assuring him he’s got strength enough to beat back his demons. At the start of “Surgery Day,” however, our hero finds it nearly impossible to fight. The struggle it takes to defend against his natural impulses yields to embracing the comfort of depression.

By the end of his journey, our anti-hero takes full ownership of his thoughts. In “Signing Off,” we find him embracing the dread, the sadness. He yearns for peace, to “leave it all behind.” Whether that means a physical end or a symbolic end to this internal suffering is up to the listener to decide.


released September 2, 2016

Dylan Gadino: Vocals
Derek Gadino: Guitars
Kevin Powers: Drums
Bill Bergmann Bass

Additional backing vocals: RonstIn Smith
Voice talent: Mariya Rigby

All songs written, performed, and produced by Robots and Monsters © 2016 published through BMI. Engineered by John Ferrara, recorded at Portrait Recording Studios. Mastered by Chris Badami, cover photo: Annie Spratt (licensed under creative commons zero) band photos: Nestor Correa, package design: Bill Bergmann

Robots and Monsters uses Gibson Guitars, Orange Amplifiers, D'Addario strings, g&l basses, DR strings, Ampeg Amplifiers, Dunlop and Shure microphones.

contact: robotsandmonstersmusic@gmail.com


all rights reserved



Robots and Monsters New Jersey

Metal/Hardcore/Sludge/Rock from NJ featuring former members of Mucky Pup. Album 'Down To Ash' on iTunes. Was a "Pick of the Week" on That Metal Show.
Formed in the fall of 2013, their sound is
steeped in hardcore/metal aesthetic their songs are filtered through accessible arrangements, emotive reflections addressing the frustrations of life and feelings of total despondency.
... more

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